The Entrepreneur Studio (TES) Launch

  • Thursday, 14th September 2023

The Entrepreneur Studio (TES), a dynamic platform dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship innovation and community development, is thrilled to announce its official launch in Scotland. With a mission to empower investable entrepreneurs and enrich investible communities, TES is poised to become a catalyst for economic growth and sustainable progress in the region.

TES is thrilled to announce its upcoming launch of TES Scotland an event dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs across Scotland. Set for September 21st in Edinburgh, this event is supported by the Hungarian and Scotland Business Alliance (HASBA), an independent organisation and international business network dedicated to promoting bilateral trade, professional services and strong relations between the United Kingdom, Hungary and other Central European countries. HASBA acts as a vital bridge between businesses and government entities, spearheading efforts to enhance bilateral trade and foster invaluable connections, supporting businesses planning to expand, raise their company profile and strengthen their competitiveness in the UK and international markets.

Scotland's entrepreneurial spirit is renowned worldwide and TES is committed to nurturing this spirit by providing a comprehensive support ecosystem for aspiring and established entrepreneurs. The platform will offer a range of resources, mentorship programs, networking opportunities and funding avenues to fuel the success of startups and small businesses. TES Founder and CEO Manmeet Abrol stated, "Scotland has a vibrant entrepreneurial landscape, brimming with untapped potential. We believe that by empowering investable entrepreneurs and facilitating connections within investible communities, we can drive innovation, create jobs, and enhance the overall economic landscape in Scotland.”

Behind TES is a dedicated team ready to deliver essential support for business growth

  • Manmeet Abrol is a visionary leader and the driving force behind a transformative mission. As the Founder and CEO of this enterprise, he has made it his unwavering commitment to empower entrepreneurs on a global scale and enrich the investible community with his innovative approach and expertise.
  • Andrew Evans is a highly regarded professional in the field of Market Research, serving as the Head of this crucial domain. His primary focus is on guiding and empowering entrepreneurs who are embarking on the journey of entering new markets. With a wealth of expertise Andrew aims to equip them with the essential tools, knowledge and insights required to make informed decisions and successfully access new markets.
  • Richard Moir is a distinguished international business strategist, trusted advisor and mentor, who specialises in empowering entrepreneurs. With a distinct competitive advantage, he has a proven track record of success and provides invaluable guidance in due diligence, integrity investigations and international market access.
  • Sarah-Louise McCartney is a seasoned expert in Brand & Marketing offering invaluable guidance to businesses seeking to elevate their brand presence and achieve marketing excellence.
  • Dr. Erika Szita-Szegedi, a qualified legal expert in the UK/EU, who specialises in helping companies navigate complex legal issues, expand into different jurisdictions, find optimal solutions in international trade, and provide up-to-date assistance in establishing a comprehensive legal framework for their businesses.
  • Dr. Maria Moloney is a prominent figure in the field of Research in Data Privacy & AI, serving as a catalyst for entrepreneurs seeking to excel in the digital age. With a diverse skill set and a wealth of knowledge, she plays a pivotal role in guiding entrepreneurs through the intricate landscapes of data governance, privacy compliance, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Key initiatives of The Entrepreneur Studio include:

  • Startup Incubation: TES will provide aspiring entrepreneurs with access to state-of-the-art facilities and expert guidance to help turn their ideas into thriving businesses.
  • Mentorship Programs: Experienced mentors and industry experts will work closely with emerging entrepreneurs to provide valuable insights guidance and support.
  • Access to Funding: TES will connect startups and small businesses with potential investors venture capitalists and funding opportunities to fuel growth and expansion.
  • Community Engagement: TES aims to foster a sense of community by organizing events workshops and networking sessions that encourage collaboration among entrepreneurs, investors and community members.
  • Educational Resources: The platform will offer a wealth of educational resources including workshops webinars and online courses to help entrepreneurs sharpen their skills and stay updated on industry trends.

Mentors / Experts Join TES:

  • Hugh Jones  is experienced data protection consultant and trainer with extensive experience supporting organisations as they prepare for and maintain compliance with data management regulations.
  • Rupali Jasty is an expert specialising in leadership transformation and culture coaching. At TES, she helps recognise investable entrepreneurs and provides them with the support and guidance they need to reach their full potential. Her coaching methodology, based on an action oriented, hands-on frame work helps entrepreneurs identify their strengths and core values, overcome their weaknesses and develop the skills they need to lead their teams effectively.

The Entrepreneur Studio (TES) is more than just a platform: it's a catalyst for change. We are a dynamic community dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship, innovation and community development. Through our resources, mentorship, networking opportunities and access to funding, we empower entrepreneurs to thrive. Together we aspire to drive economic growth, create jobs and promote sustainable progress.

Join TES today and embark on a journey of innovation, collaboration and success.