About Us

Our Vision

"Fostering a Visionary Ecosystem: Where Investable Entrepreneurs Flourish, and Investible Communities Thrive"

Our vision is to create an environment where investable entrepreneurs with audacious ideas find the support, mentorship, and resources they need to succeed. We aspire to nurture a dynamic ecosystem where investible communities serve as hubs of innovation, collaboration, and economic growth. We envision a future where investable entrepreneurs and investible communities converge to drive positive change, forge new pathways of opportunity, and collectively shape an innovative, prosperous, and sustainable world.


"Empowering Investable Entrepreneurs, Enriching Investible Communities"

Our mission is to empower and support investable entrepreneurs, providing them with the resources, mentorship, and networks they need to transform innovative ideas into thriving businesses. By nurturing these investable entrepreneurs, we contribute to the growth and development of investible communities. Our commitment extends to fostering an ecosystem where entrepreneurship flourishes, attracting investment, creating jobs, and driving innovation. We envision a future where investable entrepreneurs and investible communities come together to shape a more prosperous and sustainable world.

Our Values

At the heart of our ethos lies a deep commitment to catalysing the potential of investable entrepreneurs and nurturing investible communities. We embrace innovation, resilience, and ethical leadership as our guiding principles. We believe that every investable entrepreneur possesses the power to transform industries and that every investible community has the capacity to become a beacon of opportunity and prosperity. Our unwavering dedication to fostering this symbiotic relationship drives us to provide unwavering support, mentorship, and resources access. We champion collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and a culture of inclusivity, ensuring that investable entrepreneurs succeed and contribute positively to the growth and well-being of their investible communities. Together, we are architects of a brighter, more sustainable future.

Board and Leadership Team


Manmeet Abrol

Founder I CEO


Andrew Evans

Head of Market Research


Richard Moir

International Business Strategy


Sarah-Louise McCartney

Head of Brand and Marketing


Dr Erika Szita-Szegedi

Head of Legal


Maria Moloney

Head of Research & AI

Expert Team


Hugh Jones

Data Protection


David Crowley

Financial Strategy


Conor Kenny

US Business


Tess Byrne

International Business Strategy


Fionnan Ryan

Head of Finance


Pam Moore

Corporation Tax


Rupali Jasty

Leadership and Culture Coach